The Online Casino Industry


For many centuries, people have been playing games of chance around the world. Today, people are playing in casinos, both online and offline. Online casinos have taken off gambling as players no longer need to move a single meter from their favorite couch. Despite restrictions and bans in some states, the online casino industry has been doing extremely well over the past decade, surpassing all expectations.

The rise in online casinos is due to many factors, such as the penetration of the Internet, the opening of new markets and the increase in the number of registered players. Since 2005, the online casino market has grown by 250% and has reached a turnover of $ 40 billion.

The positives from the development of the casino industry are many, the online casino industry has created new jobs in order to design and maintain casino websites. At the same time, the income from taxes is high and in this way they fill the state coffers with money.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The regular tactics of online casinos in recent years have been to offer rich registration bonuses, but after the new policy on communicating bonuses from the EEEP they cannot show to players who are not already connected, ie those who have not already registered. their online casino. Since June 2016, the Commercial Communication Regulation has been enacted. In essence, the above regulation prohibits betting companies from advertising money related to first deposit bonuses or free bets. Even so, online casinos with a € 100 registration bonus continue to exist, but do not advertise it. However, for this to happen and for you to have full access to their offer program, you must first register on their websites.

Welcome bonus

Each casino offers a different welcome package, but the most common type is the first deposit bonus, which is offered to new players after depositing at the casino. Online casino welcome bonuses usually consist of a bonus on the amount of money and are given to players up to a certain amount of money, which is set by the casino. These are the so-called casino match bonuses. An example of a welcome match bonus can be 100% up to $ 300, meaning that any player who deposits $ 150 is with an initial balance of $ 300. Players are not required to deposit the maximum amount set by the casino, but usually the minimum deposit amount is $ 20.

Deposit bonus

Do not look at the amount first and then the percentage. It's wrong. For example, if you see an offer with a 50% offer up to 400 euros on your initial deposit, be sure that it is not better than another that offers 200% up to 100 euros. This is for a very simple reason. In the first case to get the 500 euros you have to deposit 800, while in the second to get the 100 euros you deposit only 50. Except that you are a high-roller player and you play good morning big amounts, in all other versions, get the second premium. 토토사이트 On the one hand, you spend much less of your own money, on the other hand, you take less risk in a casino that you have never played before, have not tried, so in both cases, this is very positive for you.

No deposit bonus

If the bonus is in the form of a free credit, you will have to bet on it several times before making a withdrawal. Non-deposit bonuses have very high betting requirements - sometimes up to 100x. This means that if you have a $ 10 free credit, you will need to play, for example, 1000 spins with $ 1 each to meet the withdrawal requirements. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to play in all games with the bonus credit. Also, not all games have the same level of contribution to betting requirements. For example, Blackjack is usually completely banned or contributes only 5% to each bet. In this case, you will need to bet 20 times more on blackjack games than on slot machines.

Free spins

Free spins bonuses vary among online casinos, but the most common slot bonus bonuses are linked to deposits that players must make to qualify. The number of free spins offered by online casinos as a bonus usually ranges between 20 and 40. Often the free spins bonus is linked to a welcome bonus that players gradually receive as they make deposits at the online casino.